A Thawing Habitat
by Samuel Illingworth

Your barren canvas stretches
Tightly across forgotten states;
Caught between unforgiving waves
And starry mountain peaks,
Your pulse beats unhurriedly
In this hibernation of solitude.

Permafrost litters your landscape:
Its frozen core
A hard border to
Fertile soils and
Future disturbance.
But as the ice begins to melt
These borders shift;
Ancient ley lines retreating
Cutting new paths
Across a scenery
That will no longer
Be forgotten.

Оригинал: https://thepoetryofscience.scienceblog.com/842/a-thawing-habitat/

Статья: Elena Parfenova, Nadezhda Tchebakova and Amber Soja "Assessing landscape potential for human sustainability and 'attractiveness' across Asian Russia in a warmer 21st century"


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