V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest  
Laboratory of Ecophysiology of Permafrost Systems  

School of the young scientists on Biogeochemical Matter Cycling in Permafrost Ecosystems

September 22–24, 2014, Krasnoyarsk, Russia


Summer School on Biogeochemical matter cycling in permafrost ecosystems  (G. Guggenberger)

Vegetation of permafrost ecosystems: use of GIS and remote sensing for classification and mapping  (V. Ryzhkova)

GIS and remote sensing techniques to infer landscape vegetation patterns and processes  (M. Korets)

Methods of field surveys of vegetation structure, biomass analysis and floristic composition  (L. Krivobokov)

Analysis and modeling of water balance of permafrost regions  (S. Im)

Permafrost soils and their organic carbon storage  (G. Guggenberger)

Mineral-organic Associations: Formation, properties, and functions  (R. Mikutta)

Carbon exchange between soils and atmosphere  (O. Shibistova)

Controls of dissolved inorganic and organic carbon discharge from permafrost ecosystems  (A. Prokushkin)