V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest  
Laboratory of Ecophysiology of Permafrost Systems  

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The laboratory is divided into two parts: a Sample Preparation Unit and an Analytical Unit.

State-of-the-art equipment was bought to meet a demand of a serious Soil Biogeochemical Laboratory, such as:

(For Sample Preparation Unit)

  • Sonicator Labsonic M
  • Centrifuges Rotanta 460R and SL-40RF
  • Rotor Evaporators Buchi
  • Climatic Chambers Lovibond
  • Different small equipment

(For Analytical Unit)

  • IsoPrime100 (IRMS)
  • IsoPrimeGC5
  • Vario Isotope Cube
  • Agilent Group (5977A MSD, 7890B GC System)
  • Picarro 2201-i and SSIM

Methods of the Laboratory

  • Density fractionation of the soil (sonicator)
  • Incubation experiments
  • CN concentrations in the soil analyzing (Vario EA)
  • Lignin analysis (GC)
  • PLFA analysis (GC)
  • δ13C analysis
     - bulk soil (IRMS – CN Isotope ratios measurements)
     - PLFA after GC preparation (IRMS – CN Isotope ratios measurements)
     - CO2/CH4 and their δ13C a (Picarro)
    • In the field
    • Laboratory incubations
     - Labeling experiments

The joint usage

There are three stages of access of the equipment:

  • The works for Mega Project are preferential
  • The Laboratory is welcoming Russian and foreign projects that will be collaborating with us
  • All the others will have their opportunity of usage for some fee for the analytical work

Agilent Group + IsoPrimeGC5

IsoPrime100 (IRMS)

Vario Isotope Cube

Picarro 2201-i and SSIM