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Study Site Igarka

Biome: Forest tundra
Permafrost regime: Warm (0 -1C) and discontinuous permafrost
Parent material: Pleistocene fluvio-glacial (Karginskaya interstage) and limnic (Zyryansk epoch) sediments with raised bogs at plateau positions and formation of thermokarst ponds
Mean annual temperature: -7,4C; mean annual precipitation: 510 mm
Soils (WRB): Folic Haplic Cryosols (Reductaquic), Cambic Cryosols (Reductaquic), Folic Cryosols Reductaquic, Fibric Cryic Histosols, Haplic Cambisols
Vegetation (trees): Larix sibirica, Picea obovata, Pinus sibirica and Betula pubenscens (after disturbance)

Forest on northern slopes (Foto H. Flessa)

Raised bog on plateau position (photo H. Flessa)

Folic Haplic Cryosol (Reducataquic) on northern slopes (Foto H. Flessa)

Haplic Cambisol on southern slopes (Foto H. Flessa)

Fibric Cryic Histosol on plateau area (Foto H. Flessa)