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Study Site Taimyr

Biome: Southern and typical tundra, including the relict tree island Ary-Mas
Permafrost regime: Continuous permafrost
Parent material: At study sites marine deposits from Kara Sea transgression after the Early Weichselian glaciation and marine sediments of the Kazentsevo (Eemian) interglacial
Mean annual temperature: -12,6C; mean annual precipitation: 278 mm (Khatanga)
Soils (WRB): mostly Turbic Haplic Cryosols (Reductaquic), partly thixotropic
Dominating vegetation:

Shrubby moss tundra: Betula nana, Dryas punctata, Vaccinium uligonosum, Carex arctisibirica
Grassy moss tundra: Betula nana, Carex acticisibirca, Hylocomium splendens, Tomentypnum nitens
Dryas tundra: Dryas punctata, Rhytidium rugosum, Hylocomium splendens

Map of the eastern Taymir (prepared by the Taymir biospheric reserve)

Ary Mas Shrubby moss tundra (Foto R. Mikutta)

Logata Grassy moss tundra (Foto G. Guggenberger)