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WP 4a. Gaseous carbon flux from permafrost soils

WP 4 Team:

  • Svetlana Evgrafova (PhD, Senior Researcher) – PI
  • Oxana Masyagina (PhD, Research scientist)
  • Sergey Syrtcov (Research scientist)
  • Valentina Kholodilova (PhD-student)

WP 4 Motivation:

  • Small changes in the stock of organic carbon in the permafrost soil by net emission of CO2 (or CH4) into the atmosphere will have a profound impact on the atmosphere's CO2 (and CH4) concentration and with that very likely on the Earth's climate
  • Landscape affects the fate of organic carbon in permafrost soils:
     - aerobic conditions – release of CO2
     - anaerobic conditions - microbial production of CH4

WP 4 Research questions:

  • How much of CO2 and CH4 release from soil depending on the actual permafrost regime, and the soil temperature and soil moisture in the active layer?
  • What the sources (biotic or abiotic) of the two gases?

WP 4 Approaches:

  • Closed chamber technique for soil CO2 efflux and CH4 exchange measurements
  • Analysis of stable carbon isotopic composition of gases with Picarro G213i

Expected outcome:

To relate results to the carbon stocks as determined in WP 2 in order to quantify the carbon release from soil depending on the permafrost regime