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WP 6. Training and dissemination

WP 6 Team:

  • Galina Zhrazhevskaya (PhD, Senior Researcher) – PI
  • Alexey Petrenko (PhD, Research scientist)

WP 6 Motivation:

  • Provide an educational program on soil research with special emphasis on permafrost soils
  • Public outreach of the project

WP 6 Activities:

  • Lecture courses

     - From rock and litter to soil: soil formation, soil functioning and ecosystems

     - Soil organic matter components and their characterization using modern analytical techniques

     - Fate of organic matter in permafrost soils

  • Summer school
  • Organization of symposia

     - "The future of carbon in Siberian permafrost ecosystems: processes and vulnerability analysis", Hannover, December 2–3, 2013

  • Dissemination
     - An interview with Dr. Zhrazhevskaya