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Laboratory of Ecophysiology of Permafrost Systems  

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WP The Lab

headed by Dr. Maria Meteleva

This Package is fully devoted to just an establishing and running the Laboratory, where we would be able to gain the data from numerous samples brought from different sites.

The laboratory is divided into two parts: a Sample Preparation Unit and an Analytical Unit.

State-of-the-art equipment was bought to meet a demand of a serious Soil Biogeochemical Laboratory, such as:

(For Sample Preparation Unit)

  • Sonicator Labsonic M
  • Centrifuges Rotanta 460R and SL-40RF
  • Rotor Evaporators Buchi
  • Climatic Chambers Lovibond
  • Different small equipment

(For Analytical Unit)

  • IsoPrime100 (IRMS)
  • IsoPrimeGC5
  • Vario Isotope Cube
  • Agilent Group (5977A MSD, 7890B GC System)
  • Picarro 2201-i and SSIM

Methods of the Laboratory

  • Density fractionation of the soil (sonicator)
  • Incubation experiments
  • CN concentrations in the soil analyzing (Vario EA)
  • Lignin analysis (GC)
  • PLFA analysis (GC)
  • δ13C analysis
     - bulk soil (IRMS CN Isotope ratios measurements)
     - PLFA after GC preparation (IRMS CN Isotope ratios measurements)
     - CO2/CH4 and their δ13C a (Picarro)
    • In the field
    • Laboratory incubations
     - Labeling experiments

The joint usage

There are three stages of access of the equipment:

  • The works for Mega Project are preferential
  • The Laboratory is welcoming Russian and foreign projects that will be collaborating with us
  • All the others will have their opportunity of usage for some fee for the analytical work

Agilent Group + IsoPrimeGC5

IsoPrime100 (IRMS)

Vario Isotope Cube

Picarro 2201-i and SSIM