Main topics of Research

V. N. Sukachev Institute of Forest (Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences)

Address: 660036, Krasnoyarsk, Academgorogok

The main scientific studies are focused on:

1. Biospheric role, ecological functions and biodiversity of forest ecosystems;

2. Monitoring of state, efficient use and regeneration of forest resources of Siberia.

In the Institute the ecological approach to forest productivity assessment is developed; the paleoecological and dendroclimatic reconstruction of  Siberian forest cover dynamics as well as of climate in Holocene is realized; the forecast maps of shift of forest site zones, of forest ecosystem productivity dynamics for different scenarios of global climate change which corresponds to doubling of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are obtained. Methodical bases and technological schemes for use of aerocosmic information are established to analyse spatial forest distribution, their state, structure, thematic drowing maps of taiga landscapes, as well as to obtain strategical data on seats of dendrophilous insect mass reproduction and forest fires. Multilevel geoinformational system (GIS) assigned for transition to ecosystem methods  of forest management as well as for  monitoring of their state, use and regeneration is developed.

         The Institute has more than 10 field stations in different landscape zones of Siberia and specialized for certain scientific interests.      

The Institute  takes part in realizing  of the state  scientific programmes:

“The Russian Forest”, “Ecological Safety of Russia”, “Global Changes of Environment and Climate”, “Priority studies of Genetics” and others.

     Scientific-methodical bases of a complex assessment of forest areas in the interests of state defense are developed by the Institute specialists as well.